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Flue Gas Analyser FGA512

Power Station Products >> Flue Gas Analyser FGA512

The Portable Flue Gas Analyser model FGA 512 measures oxygen and carbon monoxide in the flue gas. It calculates carbon dioxide and combustion efficiency for a range of pre-selected fuels. It is suitable for analysing combustion efficiency of boilers. It is supplied with a sampling probe through which the flue is sampled into the analyser by suction from a built-in pump.

  • Pre-programmed fuel such as Natural gas, Heavy oil.
  • Memory storage upto 100 test results.
  • Battery operated (DC 12V).
  • Serial (RS232) output for printer or PC.

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    Flue Gas Analyser FGA533

    Power Station Products >> Flue Gas Analyser FGA533

    The INDUS Model FGA 533 Flue Gas Analyser is a portable instrument meant for measuring oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the flue. While CO2 is measured using an NDIR Bench and O2 by an electrochemical sensor, carbon monoxide is measured either by NDIR or by electrochemical sensor. The Analyser consists of two parts: a Sampling and conditioning system and the analyser unit.

  • Memory storage for 100 test results.
  • Zero and Span calibration.
  • Auto Zero at ambient condition.
  • Two level alarm setting for each gas.
  • RS232 communication.

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    Heated Oxygen Probe 850 Series

    Power Station Products >> Heated Oxygen Probe 850 Series

    INDUS 850 Series Heated Oxygen Probes are meant for accurate in-situ measurement of oxygen in power plants. It consists of a long zirconia-based sensor configured in an SS316 sheath. A high quality heater helps keep the temperature above 700oC for optimum performance of sensor. Two sintered titanium frit filters keep the ash away from the sensor. The probe is supplied in lengths upto 2 meters. Abrasion shield is optional.

  • Fast response.
  • Built-in heater.
  • Sheath made of SS 316 steel.
  • Removable sintered SS filter to filter out dust.
  • Sensor imported from Australia.

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    Oxygen Analyser

    Power Station Products >> Oxygen Analyser

    The OA302 is an Oxygen Analyzer which is used in conjunction with heated zirconia based oxygen probe to measure oxygen concentration of flue gases from boilers. It is especially suitable for the measurement of excess air in the flue gas of power stations. In addition to measuring oxygen concentration, it also controls the temperature of the heated probe by means of a software-based PID Control. It is rugged so that it can withstand the Power Plant environment.
  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Built in heater control.
  • User programmable for maximum flexibility.
  • Selectable oxygen range.
  • Automatic fault detection.
  • Multiple outputs – RS232, RS485 and 4-20mA.
  • IP66 protection.
  • Includes reference air unit with Automatic calibration facility.
  • Economically priced.

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