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Heat Treatment Products

CP Controller 402

Heat Treatment Products >> CP Controller 402

INDUS model CP controller CP402 is a Carbon Potential (CP) Controller designed specifically for carburisation control in the Heat Treatment Industry. It works in conjunction with INDUS 800 series oxygen probes. CP 402 takes its input from the oxygen probe (Sensor output and thermocouple output) and based on this computes the CP online. The calculated CP is now used to control the flow of the carburisation fluids to conform to the program set for carburisation.
50 programs can be set in the memory to be recalled locally or remotely.

  • Calculates CP online.
  • Inbuilt PID algorithm for controls.
  • Memory storage for 50 programs.
  • Programmable Alarms.
  • Programmable with different levels of security.
  • Power failure detection
  • Auto Purging.
  • Sensor and T/C failure alarm.
  • Inbuilt Temperature monitor.

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    Oxygen Probe 800 Series

    Heat Treatment Products >> Oxygen Probe 800 Series

    INDUS 800 Series oxygen probes are primarily meant for the heat treatment industry. It consists of a long ceramic sensor (Zirconia- based) sheathed in inconel or sandvik 253MA steel. It is supplied in lengths upto 1 meter with a process connector (BSP or NPT male) to fit the connector port in the furnace. It is recommended to use this in conjunction with INDUS CP controller model CP402.

  • Sealed design - best suited for plant conditions.
  • Specific for oxygen - no interference.
  • Sensor imported from Australia.

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    Portable CO Analyser- CO 411

    Heat Treatment Products >> Portable CO Analyser- CO 411

    INDUS Model CO 411 is a portable instrument meant for measuring Carbon monoxide in the furnaces. The NDIR sensor is employed to detect Carbon monoxide and a micro controller-based analyser converts the sensor output to concentration of Carbon monoxide and displays the instantaneous level on a back-lit LCD display. The Carbon monoxide value is sent to PC through serial port.

  • Selectable Range.
  • Inbuilt RTC.
  • Serial output for PC.
  • Built-in pump for suction.

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    Trace Oxygen Analyser-OA 301T

    Heat Treatment Products >> Trace Oxygen Analyser-OA 3012

    INDUS Trace Oxygen Analyser model OA 301T is a portable instrument meant for measuring oxygen concentration in gases like nitrogen and argon in parts per million and display it on a backlit LCD display. It is a state-of-the-art instrument based on an electrochemical sensor and microcontroller based electronics.
  • Selectable Range.
  • Alarm/Relay output for Set point low and high.
  • Zero and Span calibration.
  • RS232 and RS485 communication.
  • low maintenance cost.

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